Exhibitor FAQ

 Exhibitor FAQ

When do applications open?

Applications open on June 28th. Applicants will be notified of their status 30 days after applying.

Who should apply?

Applications are open to all artists, craftspeople, and makers who design and have a hand in the production of the work they intend to sell. We also have several spaces for fair trade exhibitors, and a discounted booth fee for non-profits.

What does the both fee cover?

500 watts of electricity, fast and dependable wifi, and any chairs you wish to use are included in your booth fee.

Exhibitors are responsible for their displays. It is advised to have at least a back wall in your booth for your display to have visual clarity. Tables, linens, as well as pipe & drape, are available to rent. 

How is this show different from other craft fairs?

The Craneway Craft Fair, formerly known as the KPFA Crafts Fair, is the largest off air fundraiser for Berkeley’s KPFA 94.1 public radio. This craft fair has no corporate sponsors, and emphasizes art and craft exhibited by the people who make it. Proceeds from the door benefit KPFA.

What’s up with the name change?

The Craft Fair was separated from KPFA several years ago under the previous director, who also changed the name. At the time, KPFA’s parent company, Pacifica, was under threat of imminent bankruptcy and asset seizure. In it’s nearly 50 years, the Craft Fair has come to be more than a benefit for KPFA, it is also an important community event and a source of income for the craftspeople who participate. If Pacifica had gone into bankruptcy, which it thankfully did not, the Fair would have been dissolved. In short, the fair was separated from KPFA so that it can continue to thrive.

When and where is the 2019 Fair?

The 49th annual KPFA radio holiday benefit – the Craneway Craft Fair – will be held December 21st & 22nd, 10am-5pm both days, at Richmond's Craneway Pavilion.

What does a booth cost?

  • 10 x 10 inline booths are $750, 10 x 10 corner booths are $825

  • 10 x 6 inline booths are $550, 10 x 6 corner booths are $625

  • Shared 10 x 10 inline booths are $420 per exhibitor

  • Shared 10 x 6 inline booths are $320 per exhibitor

  • Shared 10 x 10 corner booths are $450 per exhibitor

  • Shared 10 x 6 corner booths are $350 per exhibitor

  • 12 x 3 table spaces are $375

  • 6 x 3 table spaces are $225

  • Non-profit 10 x 6 booths are $250

What is the cost to apply?

The booth fee includes a non-refundable $25 jury fee. In the event that you are not accepted, your booth fee will be refunded minus $25.

Why is the show close to Christmas again this year?

In 2018 the Craneway Craft Fair was held the 4th weekend in December because of a scheduling conflict with our venue. This year, the Fair will be held December 21st & 22nd, which is the 3rd weekend in December. The show has been held the 3rd weekend in December for most of recent history, and sometimes this weekend will wind up being closer to Christmas.

Do I need a website or social media account to apply?

While you do not need to sell your work online to apply, applicants are strongly encouraged to include their website and active, professional social media profiles with their applications. This helps us get a clear sense of your work, and also helps us promote your work across our social media platforms.