Art/Craft & Fair Trade Application

December 22 & 23, 2018 

10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday

Before starting your application please review the application info.

Our Traditional Application Deadline has passed, but sometimes life happens and a space or two opens up. Apply now for free and we’ll be in touch if there is room!


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Business Partner's Name (if applicable)
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Please review the floorplan on the application information page. We will do our best to honor and accommodate your first preference, but cannot guarantee placements.
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Please select a backup size in the event that we are not able to place you with your first choice.
All exhibitors - except those in the category of Food Products, which are exempt - must have a current and valid California Resale Number, permanent or temporary. Visit to obtain a sellers permit if you do not have one. Write "exempt" if you are not required to have a sellers permit. If you will be applying for a temporary permit, you may skip this step for now and file within 3 months of the event.
Photos *
Each application must include 5 images, no more and no less, of current work you wish to exhibit at the Fair. Email these to us at Images must be of work not more than 3 years old. The images MUST be formatted as JPG or PNG. As a general guideline, the images should EACH be about 1 MB, not smaller, not bigger.
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By submitting this application I hereby assure THE FELLOWSHIP OF CRAFT that I have read, fully understand, and will comply with all the information contained in this application. We do not require a booth deposit upfront. You will be prompted to pay a non-refundable application fee of $25 on the next page. Unpaid applications will not be considered.
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