Exhibitors are completely responsible for their displays. It is advised to have at least a back wall in your booth for your display to have visual clarity.

Pipe & drape are available to rent from our decorator. Prices in 2017 were $4-$5 per linear foot. 

500 watts of electricity is included in your booth fee.

Chairs are provided free of charge.

Reception can be spotty in the building. Create a personal hotspot from your phone, or rent wifi from the Craneway for approximately $30 for the weekend.

payment of fees:

The jury fee for your application is $25. We do not ask for a deposit or a booth fee until you have been notified of acceptance. 

You will be billed when you are accepted and will then have two weeks to return your contract with booth fee.

Booth fees will be payable by check or credit card.


The The 48th Annual KPFA Radio Holiday Benefit — the Craneway Craft Fair — held December 22 & 23, is independently produced by The Fellowship of Craft as a fundraiser for KPFA. 

You can now apply to exhibit online by clicking APPLY in the menu at the bottom of this page.

The Fair takes place at The Craneway Pavilion on the waterfront in the Marina District in Richmond, CA.

Parking is FREE and plentiful. A free shuttle will run from the Richmond BART Station. 

booth spaces:

The fair layout has almost 200 booth spaces in two sizes, 10’x10’ or 10’x 6’. 

100’s: 10’x10’ Inline $725, Corner $800

200’s: 10’x10’ Inline $725, Corner $800

300’s: 10’x 6’  Inline $525,  Corner $600

400’s: 10’x10’ Inline $725, Corner $800

500’s: 10’x 6’  Inline $525,  Corner $600

600’s: 10’x10’ Inline $725, Corner $800

700’s: 10’x 6’  Inline $525, Corner $600

715:  12’x6’ $800


digital images:

High quality photography of your work is crucial for your visual presentation to make a favorable impression. 

A weak photographic presentation may make the difference between acceptance and non-acceptance of your application.

Each application must include 5 images, no more and no less, of current work you wish to exhibit at the Fair. Email these to us at info@CranewayCraftFair.com.

Images must be of work not more than 3 years old.

The images MUST be jpgs.

As a general guideline, the images should EACH be about 1 MB, not smaller, not bigger. Your application can be rejected if you do not send appropriate images.

The work in the images you send must reflect the work you intend to exhibit.

Images are used extensively for publicity purposes. It is therefore very important that your images be of high quality!

Multiple applications/booth sharing:

If you would like to exhibit in more than one category, you must submit two applications and send two different sets of images. For example, if you make jewelry and ceramics, you must submit an application for each body of work.

If you wish to share a booth with another exhibitor, each must submit an application. Each application is judged on its own merit, therefore each must be accepted. Please indicate on your application with whom you would like to share a booth space.  If you’re seeking an exhibitor with which to share a booth, we may be able to find a suitable booth mate for you.

There is an additional fee of $25 per exhibitor for those sharing a booth space, which will be added to your contract when the time comes.

A team working on one body of work may submit a joint application.

sellers permit and sales tax:

All exhibitors - except those in the category of Food Products, which are exempt - must have a current and valid California Resale Number, permanent or temporary. Google http://efile.boe.ca.gov for the website.

Sales tax in Richmond is 9.25%.

Criterion for exhibitors:

Art and craftwork in any media is eligible.

Exhibitors must display only their original handmade fine art and craftwork.

Exhibitors must not only be the designers/creators of the work displayed, but must also have their hands in the production of the work.

All of the work must have been made in the United States. (Unless applying as Fair Trade)

It is unacceptable to display for sale imports, audio or video media, or work produced from kits or commercial molds (work from original molds is acceptable).

We encourage all traditional printmaking techniques to be shown in the Fair. These include etching, engraving, lithography, monoprinting, serigraphy, and block printing. Screen printing of original designs is also acceptable.

Unaltered commercial reproductions, including offset lithographs, giclée/digital prints (except for photography), books, posters, notecards and postcards, may be presented in bins or other supplemental display props, but they must not comprise more than 10% of your total display. 

about the craneway pavilion:

1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond, CA 94804.

The Craneways natural light is stunning. It has received numerous awards for its architecture. Its location on the waterfront and 180 degree views of the San Francisco Bay are breathtaking.

You may use the metal frame of a pop up tent, but you may not use ANY of the coverings -- sidewalls or canopy cover -- per fire regulations.

Depending on weather conditions, we may open the side doors to ventilate the building. Please plan accordingly.

The building has a cement floor. You may wish to bring your own flooring such as carpeting or rent it from the decorator.

Secure parking for trailers and campers is available for the weekend in the north lot. The vehicles must be registered with us to be parked overnight there. The fee to overnight in your car/van/rv is $75.




KPFA Radio is a non-profit organization funded mostly by listener donations made during on-air fund drives.

Pacifists started the nation’s first listener-sponsored, non-commercial, public radio station in Berkeley in 1949. KPFA’s mission is to encourage cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression; to contribute to a lasting understanding between individuals of all nations, creeds and colors; to promote freedom of the press & to serve as a forum for various points of view; and to maintain an independent funding base. The Fair accomplishes many of these promises!

KPFA broadcasts on 94.1 FM and KPFB 89.3 FM, Berkeley, and KFCF 88.1 FM, Fresno, and on the web at www.kpfa.org. 

Pacifica Radio, www.pacifica.org, owns the signal that KPFA broadcasts from, as well as signals in Los Angeles (KPFK), Washington DC (KPFW), New York City (WBAI), and Houston, TX (KPFT). 

We thank you for your creativity and dedication to your art/craft!